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Market Definition

Map needs with target markets and analyze the market segments to actively pursue. Ensure that the targeted segments are large enough to support the current and future business of the product.


Market Definition: Best Practices for Uncovering Market Problems
February 25

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Market Definition

Marketing Across Borders-Creating Effective GTM Strategies in Multiple Markets

Forward-thinking product marketers are shifting their thinking to make inroads across geographies.
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Mapping International Go-to-Market Strategies - Using the Competitive Landscape as Your Guide

Strike the right balance between global standardization and local selling and marketing when you bri…
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Storytelling for Effective Product Life-Cycle Management

Adjust your product-related communication to free valuable time for high-priority responsibilities.
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A Market-Driven Approach to Growth

Since its inception in the late 1960s, Veda became the authoritative credit-reference provider for…
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What Could Go Wrong? Building for the International Market

A well-known messaging app recently launched in a new international market and ran into some proble…
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Analyze This

Three key attributes you should know about your business.
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Why Advisory Boards Matter

Customer advisory boards (CABs) are one of the most effective methods for delving into the minds o…
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The Mirage of Data

Understand the limitations of a data-driven approach.
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Amplify Your Agile Marketing by Walking on the Moon

Giant steps are what you take Walkin' on the moon I hope my leg don't break Walkin' on the moon W…
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