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Clarify roles and responsibilities, and provide a common language and consistent approach across the entire organization.

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We’ll help you select the right courses for your specific needs—and tailor those courses for your team and environment.

Private Data Science Training

Embrace the future of data science in your organization with private online training from the data experts at Pragmatic Institute. We’ll help you evaluate your company’s data needs—from a business-focused overview of data’s possibilities to hands-on data science training using the latest open-sourced applications—and find the right private training option for your organization.

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Executive Briefing Workshop

Being market-driven isn’t just a product strategy—it’s a corporate strategy. Oury workshop provides your executive teams a better understanding of what it means to be tuned-in to the market, and why tuned-in companies are 30% more profitable.

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Bring Pragmatic Labs to Your Office

Focus on delivering repeatable outcomes in your organization by putting what you learned into practice with one of our industry-trusted facilitators. Pragmatic Labs are designed to help your team put the skills they learned in class into practice based around your products, your portfolio or your whole organization. Our lean-in approach encourages participation across the whole team.

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Our private online and onsite training helps you save time and money, while bringing everyone together for a comprehensive experience.

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Top-level executives share how they have transformed their organizations with Pragmatic Institute.